The Law Office with a difference

With the founding of Pontinova AG as
a boutique law firm, we have fulfilled a dream.


Die etwas andere Kanzlei

Mit der Gründung der Pontinova AG als Anwalts-Boutique haben wir uns einen Traum erfüllt.


Dominic Rogger

Focus: Banking and capital markets law (including FinTech), corporate law, in particular for start-ups

Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht (einschl. FinTech), Gesellschaftsrecht, insbesondere für Startups

Year of birth: 1982
Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Favourite colour: Blue
Favourite school subject: Geography
What I wanted to be when I grew up: Inventor

What I’ve become

I am not an inventor, but I have kept my curiosity since childhood.

After my studies in Zurich and Geneva and a subsequent legal internship in a corporate law firm in Zug, I started my career as a lawyer in a private bank in 2010. After further training in London (LL.M. Banking & Finance), I deepened my knowledge of international financial market law as legal counsel at a listed securities dealer.

In 2017, I took a new path and founded a LegalTech company. From MVP to investor search, product development or marketing to product-market fit, I got to know the diverse challenges of a startup.

With this backpack of experience, I would like to support my clients as a lawyer. Ambitious innovation projects are especially close to my heart. I am happy to advise entrepreneurs on the development and expansion of their company.